Starting a therapy

Starting a therapy is, among other things, a declaration. 
In making this step you declare your willingness to take responsibility for your life and your desire for a change. It is an important first step, sometimes the most difficult one. 
There are no rules as to how one should start a therapy. 

For adults, it usually comes from a feeling that something is stuck; something constantly bothers me about my life,

my relationship, my work...
For teenagers, it is usually a combination of feeling distress and a worried parent.

When a family decides to come for a consultation or a therapy, there is often one member of the family who shows the way: pointing bravely on the problem as well as on the possible way to get help. 

The crucial thing is that you have at least a minimal motivation for bringing about a change in the situation that has become unbearable. 
Psychotherapy does not necessarily contradict medical treatment. Yet, it seems that in our time the power of speech tends to be under-valuated. In many cases, 'chemical solution' is not the only possibility and even not the best one. 

A psychodynamic or psychoanalytic psychotherapy offers a unique road for growth, revelations and change. In my experience, through talking and listening, you can find a new approach to our life, to ourselves and to those around us. 

Within couple and family therapies, there is a space for rethinking problems and difficulties of living together, or being in a relationship: misunderstandings, difficulty in accepting the other, neglected relationship or lack of sharing; blurred roles or role that became stiff. When finding the courage to look straight into the problems and talk, you can effectively clear the way for something new to happen. 




Dr. Alon Yaffe

Clinical Psychologist

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