Psychotherapy for Individuals 

In an individual psychotherapy the aim is to bring about a change, a tangible change at the present. 

The ‘talking cure’ I offer efficiently addresses various distressing conditions, including anxiety, depression, trauma-related symptoms, difficulties in a relationship, difficulty in copying with life events or other symptoms. 

The therapeutic dialogue within a session is not an ordinary conversation, which usually involves the creation of images and masks as well as marketing, pleasing, covering-up, manipulating, or denying my subjective truth. Rather, it is a verbal interaction that reduces these dimensions and focuses on finding something else, more real, deeper, an individual compass. 

The therapy may be short-termed, dealing with a relatively defined crisis, or exploring a specific question or distress. 

Within a longer therapy, the goal is a more radical change in the way you experience and approach life, in the way you feel and relate to yourself, your body, other people around and a change in the extent to which you listen to your desires. 

An individual psychotherapy is a place where you can talk but also listen to your pain, your symptoms, your wills and desires. In my experience, through talking and through the therapeutic dialogue you can unknot complexities, remove barriers, and find meaning, relief and the ability to enjoy life. 


Dr. Alon Yaffe

Clinical Psychologist

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