Relationship counseling / Relationship therapy


Relationship counseling and relationship therapy aim at bringing about a lasting change in a relationship that reached a point of hopelessness, a point where being together is very difficult, usually for both sides. 


In such cases, often, the mutual feeling is that talking is an impossible mission; every interaction only amplifies coldness, hostility and despair; it seems that nothing is likely to change; or that love is not there anymore. 

Typically, bothering thoughts that preoccupy the mind remain unspoken and surface in an ugly way during a quarrel. 

When one of the partners had an affair, the question becomes whether both sides are able to stay together and reestablish trust.

Meetings in couple therapy is not an easy thing. It requires a lot of effort from both partners of the relationship. Yet the effect is usually a remarkable and very palpable one, a change that quickly projects itself upon the whole family.    

Throughout the processes both partners will be encouraged to stop destructiveness, to respect and listen to the other and to find the lost love. Communication, of course, is an important key to the success of the process, and that holds whether the goal is to restore a romantic relationship, to move past a crisis or to find the way to separate without starting a war.



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Clinical Psychologist

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