My name is Alon Yaffe, 


I am an English-speaking senior Clinical Psychologist in private practice based in Tel Aviv.

I am experienced in working with adults, adolescent and couples, as well as with families.

Also, I supervise and consult mental health professionals and teach undergraduate and postgraduate courses in psychology and psychotherapy.


In my clinic I offer a safe and a non-judgmental professional environment. 


Starting a therapy is, to my mind, a very brave step, reflecting a desire to change. I believe that we don’t need to accept an acute distress, anxiety or depression as a permanent condition. It is possible to find love, meaning, pleasure and a satisfying relationship even in difficult life situations and in complicate circumstances.  

Psychotherapy is the most human and also the most efficient way to cope and create change when you find yourself overburdened by anxiety, depression, and loneliness, loss, or relationship problems.

Psychological therapy is not necessarily a long process, but its influence is in most cases very tangible. My approach to psychotherapy involves bearing always in mind each person’s uniqueness and tailoring the therapy to the patient.  


I provide psychotherapy for people struggling with various emotional difficulties and mental health problems, including:     

  • Depression and emotional difficulties – lack of interest and desire, ‘feeling stuck’ in life or feeling emptiness 


  • Stress and different anxiety feelings - including panic attacks, social anxiety, phobias and stress related to trauma (PTSD)


  • Emotional distress in adolescence and difficulties of young adult (20-40) – finding relationship; confusion about professional interest; questions of sexual identity 


  • Difficulties and crises within a romantic relationship or in the family - relationship distress; divorce or separation; infidelity; stress within a family business 


  • Stressful life events and crises – being fired; immigration distress; grief & loss; retirement and emotional distress related to old age; coping with illness etc. 


  • Difficulties of parenting adult children – emotional detachment; stressful relationship; lack of communication and bothering questions like: “when will he finally leave the nest?”, “why doesn’t she allow me to spend time with my grandchild?”


To make an appointment please call me at (+972) 52-3166-671 

or email me at:


 Relationship therapy

Relationship therapy

 Starting a therapy

Starting a therapy

 Psychotherapy for Individuals

Psychotherapy for Individuals


Dr. Alon Yaffe

Clinical Psychologist

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To make an appointment please call me at (+972) 52-3166-671   or email me at:




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