Skype Therapy 

Many Israelis leaving abroad feel in need of psychotherapy but hesitate or postpone the idea because of worries about the language barrier and cultural differences. Indeed, language is a crucial element in psychotherapy. Expressing, exploring needs and desires, understanding, changing your attitude or position, questioning, and every other aspect of psychotherapy – everything involves language. 

Presence is also an important element in psychotherapy. Surely, when meetings are held in the psychologist' clinic they tend to be more effective. Therefore, admittedly, psychotherapy in Skype is not an ideal alternative for a therapy in which the patient is present. And yet, there are situations when regular meetings at the clinic are not possible. In such cases, Skype therapy does prove itself as allowing a significant therapeutic process. 

The experience of being a foreigner, far away from home is, in many cases, not easy, and especially when involving loneliness, anxiety, depression, difficulty in relationship or confusion about what direction to take in life. Accompanying all these are language barriers, culture differences, lack of friends and family and financial problems. 

Psychotherapy in Skype makes possible a therapeutic process in Hebrew, an intimate, meaningful and effective process, even when far away from home. 


Dr. Alon Yaffe

Clinical Psychologist

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